The Problem With Women Today

Friday, December 4, 2009

                What in the HELL happened to women?!?

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How did they go from this....
Image Hosted by some thing that makes you want to puke...
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... as well as the most psychotic, dumbed down, violent, worthless, boozing STD infested whores in all of human history...
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... in just one generation?

It all started with this really stupid hate movement in the 1960's called ‘feminism .’ Everything you were taught about Feminism is a LIE and political propaganda, and everything you think you know about gender and human society is WRONG.
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Like the Nazis blaming the Jews for their own failures...
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...women sought to blame another group of people for their own inadequacies and failures and that was men. So this intellectually bankrupt ideology of Feminism was created that was & still is 100% pure fraud.
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All it amounts to is that women were jealous of all the recognition men received for their accomplishments, which they too wanted, but without all the work.

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21st Century Female's idea of 'work.'

So laws and government programs were introduced to 'level the playing field,' to try to compensate for women's incredible shortcomings in virtually every area of men's occupations. But all these new laws did was reward those who do nothing (i.e. women) and punish those who work hard (i.e. men) by giving women artificial advantages over men. This is called social engineering & social engineering always creates far more problems than it ever solves. All of it is a perversion of common sense, society, and business that is greatly to blame for the encroaching complete national collapse of the U.S. economy. Women today say that they 'have come so far,' but the most important point that is always missed in all of the confusion is that there has been so much done for them, while to this day, women themselves have still done nothing.
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In the end, all Feminism and it's never ending new laws did was just make women accountable to no one, not to employers, not to their family or husbands, or even to the legal system.. creating these mentally ill, drunken, abortion-happy, venereally diseased feral-cat like sub-human things we are subjected to today.
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Face it.. today's American woman is nothing but laughable
. This is what happens to human beings when they are no longer held to any standards or accountability. Susan B. Anthony is rolling her grave.   
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You see, to actually succeed at anything requires an actual interest in it, an inventive mind that is unique to men, hard work, accountability & responsibility, so Feminism shifted gears & started immediately pushing a new 'agenda'…
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Honestly ask yourself as a guy, if it wasn't for sex would you REALLY want anything to do with these train wrecks? Honestly. Sex is all very pleasant but the actual REALITY of living with the U.S. female today is just unbearable. They fall into two categories.. the outrageous slut and the MONSTER BITCH.
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If you haven't married guys- this is what it's like in the U.S. today.
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There were other really stupid 'movements' that started in the 1960's as well, such as the 'Hippie Drug Movement.'
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And we all know what drug use leads to...
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...and this is what happened to women as well.

To say that feminism ended in the 60's is like saying drug use ended in the 60's! It became mainstream and is now all around you, destroying every facet of our lives and society. While seemingly men have gotten the most visible raw end of all of this warped social experimentation gone horribly wrong, they have simply adapted while incredibly it is women who are the most miserable today!
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 This is because women have been so brainwashed by the contradicting and asinine edicts of mainstream Feminism they don't see that it all runs counter to their own best interests in living the natural life that is fulfilling to a woman. It isn't until women turn forty that they begin to wake up and realize what idiots they've been all they're lives... if they ever do at all.   

Women said they were ‘oppressed' as if they just couldn't wait to do something like this…
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...while in reality, this is what women really want in one form or another…
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Where they do nothing, yet everyone pays attention to them and practically worships them for… nothing.

Here's why...

The truth is never politically incorrect, so what they didn't teach you in school is that by their very genetic nature women are reactive, whereas men are proactive. And this natural fact has nothing with any social engineering of the past, present, or future. This is the real reason women have never done anything of any real world significance and never will. So, hopelessly unable to compete with men, feminism set about just lowering the standards of 'achievement.' So despite all of their delusions and lip service, in their heart of hearts, women by their very nature are very, very lazy with no drive and really just want to lounge around and do nothing...
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They tried to teach you in school that before the modern age women were so utterly oppressed, when in fact it was the lower class who was oppressed- male and female. It was the upper class who had the luxury of higher education, yet the women of the upper class throughout history still chose to lead frivolous and pointless lives just as the women of today. Nothing but empty materialism, shallow superficiality and endless social gatherings and parties consisting of mindless lounging around and aimless chatter with no real committed ambition of any kind. 
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And that's fine.. women shouldn't try to convince anyone that their lives and interests consist of anything more than silliness and raising children. That is how nature created woman and anything else is a hoax that certainly any man can see through. The only ones 'buying' any of the Feminist lie to this day are other brainwashed women and ridiculous maginas like this one. 
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   Sadly & ironically there are more women today who are more like hookers than there ever was before feminism…

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Dumbed down, diseased road whores.. not exactly marriage material- or any material for that matter. Sure, they look good, but feminism gave women ‘sexual freedom’.. a fancy way of saying ... 'whore.' Now human society has regressed back into the 'harem' construct. Human sexuality at its most base (as it has become again) resembles animal sexuality in that in any given community 80% of the females are having sex with 20% of the (alpha) males
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(not married to- have sex with - 85% of all women cheat on their husbands with no guilt at all- why a man should never marry) & this is why STD & multiple STD rates are so astronomically higher amongst women-
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they are inadvertently sharing STD's with one another with the men they are sharing.
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It is astounding how very few people even know any of this...
just about the most important facts anyone should know

o when you think of U.S. women today, think of this…
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Still turned on?

Since Feminism began, women really have entered the workforce en masse. This is an indisputable fact, but the images of the todays working woman we are constantly bombarded with in advertisements are those of the successful ‘career woman,' as if every other woman is moving up the 'corporate ladder' or is a vice president or a CEO, or owner of their own company with a ‘unique business approach and a 'record of success' that only a female is capable of because women are so much more intelligent because they woke up this morning…
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Now welcome to the real world. This is what 97% of all of these mythical, 'sophisticated' post-feminist American women are really doing...
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According to the Department of Labor statistics, the no.1 occupation for women in the U.S. in 2009 was secretary or office assistant, with retail coming in at no. 2. There is only an extremely tiny, tiny percentage of female ‘professionals,’ i.e., doctors or attorneys, business owners, etc. The vast majority of women simply are not willing to make the sacrifice for these demanding professions, and also by their very nature as females, most women simply do not have any interest in science, law, technology, or business.

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Why does the media do this?

Because no one wants to admit that not only was feminism a dismal failure, but a quantified disaster. Little known fact: Because of women entering the workplace en masse in the 1980’s, the price of homes and vehicles EXPLODED. Why? Because people could charge more for homes and vehicles because working women created the dual income household. No one is going is going to ask 250K for a home if no one can afford it. So now women are forced to work, whether they want to or not, victims of the economy they created; 95% of them stuck in low paying, dead-end jobs that cause them to be depressed and go on psychiatric medication that cause weight gain, thus the reason for so many obese women in the U.S. today. Most men can no longer earn enough for a woman to stay at home because of the now diluted workplace… over crowded by women.

Portrait of modern female in the workplace
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The media also always presents us with images of todays post-feminist female as ethereal, beautiful, virtually genius
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and pure.. …but this is what today’s post-feminist woman really is..
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..a kind of thing that is neither feminine nor masculine, while possessing none of the positive qualities of either. 

Or we’re presented with images
of women as ‘strong leaders.'

But then this is the reality..
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Today’s modern female is also shrill, confrontational, and constantly complaining.They are petty tyrant micro managers with no accountability but always criticizing and blaming everyone around them, always ready to pounce on the least little verbal insinuation or imagined infraction, while possessing all the finesse and charm of a jack hammer and it is completely impossible to appease or please her EVER- no matter what you do it will always be wrong in her bizarre & twisted thinking process and nothing you do for her will EVER be appreciated because women are PSYCHOTIC... and it is a proven fact that the more educated a woman is, the more abusive she is to all of those around her.. the mirror opposite of men- the less educated men are the more abusive they are..
Image Hosted by the only way to deal with her, as more men are learning day by day, is to not deal with her at all... completely avoid her at all costs. This is not only wise, but crucial to your very survival. Because while you may get into fights with men at work, after the spat is over it's over and done... but if you so much as have a disagreement with today's woman, she will get you FIRED and even thrown in jail based on false accusations out of an evil vindictiveness that knows no bounds- so get another profession- whatever it takes to just completely cut these monsters known as the American Females completely out of your professional life at the very least. Every one of them and every day you spend with them at work only increases the odds of being falsely accused, and that is something especially you as a man cannot afford. 
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Imagine as a man if you were able to eliminate the guys that you hate at your company or rid yourself of your competition within the company simply by accusing these individuals of stealing from the company. Yea, right, that would never work even if you were to stoop that low- you would need proof. But a female doesn't need any proof, she can have any man fired and even arrested with nothing more than an accusation of sexual harassment or discrimination and a pointed finger. Even though women are never held accountable for the crimes they commit, they have in fact over the last 40 years developed a criminal mindset.. ironically sharing much more in common with lowly street thugs than anyone you would actually look up to or admire or consider 'superior' to yourself in any way.
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While possessing a very self-destructive false sense of superiority, todays American female ironically has no sense of self pride or shame..
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So how did women develop this grossly distorted and wildly delusional false sense of superiority?
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Do you really need to ask?
First of all, women hear nothing except how brilliant they are and how they can do no wrong from men everyday, because men will tell women anything they want to hear in order to get down their pants.

Meanwhile, men are portrayed as idiot losers and fools every five seconds in our culture and the media. (This is the only way women can feel good about themselves because women today do not have any positive role models).
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positive role models!

Also from a very early age, girls today are treated in school as superior, but with most all of the emphasis on self confidence, with little actual substantive input. This is all in order to ‘level the playing field,’ which has also been attempted by the gradual lowering of academic standards and changing the very curriculum to (dead boring and unproductive female interests that alienate boys) over the years to accommodate girls.
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 “Girls are smarter because they are better behaved. Girls are smarter because they are prettier and because I say so. ”

Not to mention that girls learn the art of manipulation of men at a very early age.
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As a result, today's women are very crafty at getting what they want from men (or their female ‘connections') but have no corresponding intelligence to the world around them or any real world skills, and that is how they end up like this…
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…or this… women who don’t know anything
and incredibly are actually proud of it
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I don’t know if the world is flat or round,
and I don't care.”

Can you even imagine what else she doesn't know? This is poison to children to hear an adult speak like this, so children should be protected hearing or seeing this the same way you protect children from pornography.

Of course, today's female will tell you she is
an ‘expert in womens rights…

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...but ask her when The Equal Rights Amendment
was passed and she’ll tell you, “the 70’s.”

(Pssst, the The Equal Rights Amendment was never passed! But it is very important not to tell women this, this information is hidden in books and would upset their delicate delusion of superior intelligence.)
For some reason, women do not possess the mental faculty to grasp the fact that to succeed in a given field, you actually have to be interested in it!
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…but we all know that to women all of this is boring.

We all know what the average woman's
‘fields of interest are… 
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A group of women engaged in their favorite field of study. 
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After all, why on Earth would you want to learn
electrical engineering or auto mechanics
when you can just have a man do it for you?
Or engage in any serious field of study for financial gain when you can just exploit lonely men by obtaining their property through the
divorce court industry which constitutes legal fraud?

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This photo was taken in 2002.
Today, she lives in the house
with their baby and her new
boyfriend, she just kicked him out
and got the house through
divorce court (of course) while
he can only afford to live in a
crappy apartment because he
now has to pay 700.00 a month
in child support- which almost
covers the entire mortgage payment-
what a coincidence!
He’s a human
ATM machine. Isn’t that really neat?
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Anyone with even half a brain can see what's going on here
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Another realm of today's female's false sense of
superiority is that of virtue and morality.

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Women simply feel they are morally
superior because they are never held
accountable for their actions…
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As if that isn't psychotic enough, that is only where this rabbit hole begins… women today actually blame everyone else around them for their own horrendous actions… Image Hosted by
“YOU are responsible for MY bad
behavior! Even if I drink too much
and screw seventeen guys all at
once… it’s all their fault!!! And as

my husband, it's your fault I
cheated on you!”

Would you trust someone like this? Imagine being married to this..

...and this is virtually all women today.

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In fact, one of the main reasons there is the illusion that only men commit crimes is because women are usually not punished or if they are it's nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Only in the very most extreme cases will women be institutionalized.
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After Andrea Yates murdered all of her children,
72% of women polled stated that it was the
'husband’s fault' for leaving her alone at home
with the children
… not only is this just bizarre,
it illustrates that women exist in an alternate
mental dimension that has nothing to do with
reality. We also know who not to leave with the
children now…
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This is why it’s really quite comical to
hear a woman ever passing
judgment on anyone,
for anything… ever. Women by their very
nature are amoral and wouldn’t know what
justice was if i
t crawled up their up
their anus and died
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"I only know what’s right for
ME. What did you do for ME
today? What do I get, and when?
If you don’t do what I say, I find
you guilty.”

Women avoid accountability
by always playing the ‘victim.’
If ever caught doing anything
wrong, like first class
con-artists, women can go…

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…from this… this...
Image Hosted by zero seconds flat...

... it's the creepiest thing
you will ever witness...
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your life... & women do it every day.

While men are always not just held
accountable for their own actions,
but blamed for everything...

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This creates a very dangerous atmosphere wherein men are always assumed guilty even when they have done nothing wrong and can even be falsely accused by a woman without question..
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...thus much of the reason why the prison population is 95% male. And even if you are wealthy enough to afford a million dollar attorney, you will still have the false accusation hanging over your head for life. It is impossible to comprehend the deep, deep psychosis of the female mind that can so casually lie and make false accusations directly designed to destroyed entire people's lives- men's lives- men.. the actual producers and backbone of our society & just as impossible to understand why we allow them to so easily.
Legally, women also have 100% of the decision making power in regards to children, while legally men have 0% power in this regard. This situation further creates a woefully artificial sense of moral superiority.

Because women legally have all the rights over child birth, this sends the wrong message, implying women are somehow better equipped
mentally for intelligent, important decisions in regards to child rearing.
But in reality women make horrible decisions and abuse children far more than men because of their emotional instability and this has been disastrous, thus all the 'behavioral' problems children have today caused by single mothers since fathers have been effectively dismissed culturally and legally.
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Why do you think C.P.S. has now become a constant in everyone's everyday lives? Because C.P.S. knows how abusive & stupid women are when it comes to raising children on their own. Women traded daddy in for Big Brother- only difference is Big Brother will take your children away legally and permanently nowadays for virtually nothing. Good job, ladies!
The inherent problem with Feminism from the very beginning and to this day is that implies that women can succeed and excel in life and in the world based solely on their gender, and they never could before simply because they were ‘oppressed.’ Feminism never stated, “if you work really, really hard, study, make great sacrifices, and dedicate yourself, then you will succeed.” (The way in which men succeed).

Instead, our society now makes the very least requirements from women, providing them with a litany of entitlements, handouts, hiring preferences, flex schedules, etc., wherein the world bends over backwards to enable women to be lame in every area of life.

As a result, the 'new' much vaunted 'modern woman' of the 21st century ironically is in reality is de-volving! Living and regressing into a prehistoric, sub-human form …
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You see, instead of improving, during the last 40 years, women have gradually invented their own separate world where what is considered 'accomplishment' has a completely alien definition. 
Image Hosted by
A 'up-is-down' world where Oprah Winfrey, a woman of strictly average intelligence, reigns as the supreme intellectual. As a result, Oprah Winfrey may quite possibly be the most overrated human being in all of history.

Take a look at the new embodiment of the female definition of ‘accomplishment:

Image Hosted by
Women are completely obsessed with Paris 
Hilton and all the others like her are doing-
praising them as ‘heroes.’ This is why she & all
these women are constantly on TV & in the news
24 hrs. a day. Meanwhile the real heroes like 
Image Hosted by
…are completely ignored. All the necessary people are completely taken for granted by women. That’s how sick all of this has become.

Paris Hilton’s contribution to the world…

Image Hosted by
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Lindsey Lohan’s contribution to the world…
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Joel Olseen’s wife’s contribution to the world…
Image Hosted by
… and about 90% of the rest
of the world’s female population
contribution to the world.

This why we now have abominations like this…

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..or this…
Image Hosted by
... oh God...
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Today's women have disintegrated
into such a pathetic state that is so
bizarrely UN-natural, so perverse
and inhuman, that they are
self-destructing in front of our
very eyes.

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Not only have women not improved in any way in the last forty years since the advent of feminism, the mindset has made them completely worthless as human beings.
Image Hosted by
This psychological cancer
is allowed to continue unfettered because
women have successfully insulated themselves
collectively from any and all outside criticism
through political correctness and intimidation.
Try to point out the horrendous state of women
today & the drearily predictable, canned response you will receive is...
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This is nothing more than an 'avoidance' tactic.. a cheap and lowlife trait of used car salesmen and pick pockets.
Image Hosted by
This is only yet another sickening turnoff practiced by today's women- only one of the most repellent aspects of them up there with their STD's and mood swings. Only the scummiest low lifes would resort to this tactic and wouldn't you know.. They do this instead of trying to disprove anything you say, because you know and they know that they can't because you have the truth on your side. This is what she's really saying..
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And then there is this  old antique chestnut
Image Hosted by 
Obviously the insinuation is that there is something wrong with you psychology when in fact you are the one who is mentally fit and perceptive for pointing out the 500 pound gorilla in the room.  It's impossible to think of ANYTHING about U.S. women today that is even remotely honest or even halfway intelligent. Just take the subject of women and replace it with the subject of the economy and this is just
how stupid it would sound..
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Today’s women have even rejected religion
and the church along with any concepts of
morality, good and evil as ‘repressive to
women,’ adopting ‘moral relevance,’ meaning
‘what ever I want to do is right.’ Everything
for women is secondary to Feminism, even
God. Feminism is, after all, the worship of self.

If feminism proved anything,
it is what
happens when women are ‘liberated.’
Yes, women today have more ‘power,’
but the question is, “the power to
become what exactly?”

Now we know…

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"I am most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of 'Women's Rights', with all its attendant horrors, on which her poor feeble sex is bent, forgetting every sense of womanly feelings and propriety. Feminists ought to get a good whipping. Were woman to 'unsex' themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings, and would surely perish without male protection."
-- Queen Victoria, 1870

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